The Camden Watch Company At The World Cycling Revival Festival

May 29, 2018

The Camden Watch Company At The World Cycling Revival Festival

Cycling lovers and vintage enthusiasts, listen up, because The Camden Watch Company is back for yet another great festival celebrating the heritage of the bicycle!

After two consecutive years at Eroica Britannia, this year we will be attending The World Cycling Revival Festival in the historic Herne Hill Velodrome, for three whole days of exciting events, laughter and of course a spot of cycling.

We sat down and had a chat with the man behind The World Cycling Revival Festival, John Postlethwaite who gave us insight into what may just be London’s greatest vintage cycling festival. 

How did you come up with the idea of creating The World Cycling Revival Festival?

The renovation of the most historic cycling venue in the country, combined with the fact that the last major event to happen there was the 1948 Olympics, lent itself beautifully to the concept of a cycling revival festival. 2018 also happens to be the 200 year anniversary of the bicycle - and we felt this prestige festival event was the perfect way to celebrate!

Have you always had a love for cycling? What is your background?

I’ve always had a passion for racing. My career took a natural progression from the 4 wheels of Formula One to the 2 wheels of Speedway... and then we took the engine out.

Why will The World Cycling Revival Festival be one of the biggest events in the cycling calendar?

The bicycle itself has no boundaries. The bicycle is an unbelievable invention that has stood the test of time and is now a resurgent form of transport in most major cities around the world. It is used as a means of transport, a leisure pursuit and a sport which means that it has fans from all walks of life. The bike’s role in society is deep and multifaceted. This will continue as far as we can see. A great illustration of a modern business that uses the bicycle 200 years after its invention is the emergence of companies such Deliveroo, which uses bicycles as its central mode of delivery.

The World Cycling Revival Festival is certainly set to be one of the highlights of the cycling calendar. It is a 3 day fun and hopefully sun-filled vintage spectacular that provides an absurd amount of racing and entertainment in a historic location.

What differentiates it from other cycling festivals?

The quality of the participants is what sets us apart. There will be lots of world championship winners and competitors, as well as other famous figures from within cycling, coupled with the unique setting for the festival - that it is taking place in probably the most famous open air velodrome in the world of cycling. This allows us to showcase the bicycle in all its history as well as to provide some thrilling on-track races and entertainment.

The depth of support from the cycling community, including much-loved names such as Condor, Brompton and many of the international world class participants shows that this will be a must-attend event. There’s something for everyone, really. It’s all in fancy dress (with prizes for the best 1940s outfit on the day); there will be delicious foods and drinks; there will be a myriad of unique events and activities such as cycling polo and trying out a Penny Farthing, as well as world-class talks and interviews hosted by ITV’s Ned Boulting. Not to mention a huge and distinguished line-up of live music, as well as a full racing programme!

What will be the highlights of the 3 days of festivities?

Golly, where to start? How about the record-breaking long-distance cyclist Mark Beaumont makes R.White’s Penny Farthing Hour World Record Attempt? Or David Millar trying to win the Brompton ‘48 Invitational, a winner-takes all competition, will comprise of 48 riders (entrants can only be invited personally by Brompton) taking part in 2 elimination-style heats, the victorious 24 riders from those heats will then battle it out in the final for a grand prize of £10,048, an amount greater than the 1st place winner of any elite UCI World Championship Road race would win.

Equally, you won’t want to miss the return of the historic Golden Wheel Trophy on the Friday, which started on this site in 1903, and was the biggest event at the Good Friday meet - past riders (and winners!) include Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton. Come and see which future champion races this year!

Do you have other exciting projects coming up?

This revival festival will almost certainly grow both organically here in the UK and internationally. To take such an event around the world will probably be our next step. 


Last year, at Eroica Britannia, we launched our very first cycling focused watch designed in collaboration with cyclist Kitty Pemberton-Platt, The Camden x KPP cycling edition.

Somewhat a victim of its own success, the KPP is often out of stock but we are pleased to let you know that it will be available at The World Cycling Revival. if you can't make it, not to worry, it is also available online!

Sound exciting? Grab your bikes and your most dapper 1940s outfit and join us for three days of vintage festivities! 

You can pick up tickets over on their website here.


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