No.27 Type II Watch

No.27 Type II Watch


 The No.27 Type II is a minimalist unisex watch, featuring a unique curved dial that takes its cues from vintage clocks and pocket watches.

Inspiration Behind No.27 Type II Watch

No 27 Type II Unisex Watch Behind The Design


The No.27 Type II is a minimalist watch that takes its cues from vintage pocket watches and floor clocks. Its arrowed second hand is styled on pressure gauge indicators, which needed to be quick and easy to read in a simple glance.


Much like the signature shape of our No.29, the No.27 has a slight taper that not only reduces bulk but also gives the case an elegant feel.

The brushed finish to the bezel ensures that the dial is very much the focus of this watch, while the contrasting polished side of the bezel lends a touch of class to the overall feel of the watch. 


When it came to designing the dial for our Type II, we researched old pocket watches, floor clocks, and carriage clocks to figure out what it was that constantly made these watches so very elegant. As a general rule, these watches are all very pure, showing just what was needed in order to read the time as quickly and efficiently as possible. We took this idea and ran with it, designing a utilitarian watch that still keeps the vintage, Victorian essence of The Camden Watch Company.

The dial itself is slightly curved, lending the watch a touch of luxury, and the numbers are all styled on old-school British type fonts, used sparingly enough to not come across as over the top or gimmicky.