The Best Food Markets Around Camden

April 10, 2018

The Best Food Markets Around Camden

If you’ve scrolled down through our Instagram feed, then you’re probably aware that here at Camden Watch Co. we absolutely love food.

Every month we go on the hunt to find the best places to eat in and around Camden, sharing with you our often delicious foodventures.

This time we decided to introduce you to the three best food markets around Camden.

I. Marylebone Farmer’s Market.

Marylebone-Farmer's-Market-Top-3-Food-Market-LondonImage by Cheryl Cohen

Every Sunday, from 10am to 2pm, Marylebone welcomes 40 stalls of goodness. 
It is one of the best markets in London for quality meat and free range poultry from independent British farms.

If you are more of a veg kinda person, Marylebone Farmer’s Market traders offer a great range of organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables, April being the month of the wild garlic and fresh asparagus.

If you are looking to fill up your belly right away, don’t worry, the market hosts some of the best mushroom sandwiches in London and some great freshly baked cakes!

Best-Organic-Vegetables-Market-LondonImage by Cheryl Cohen


II.The Spread, Primrose Hill Market.


Each Saturday, the borough of Camden hosts one of the best food markets in London, and we are not talking about the world renowned Camden Market, but about The Spread, Primrose Hill’s market.

You’ll taste some great food from small batch producers and farmers. From mouthwatering street food to fine Italian produces, succulent Lobster and rustic bread, The Spread has everything a foodie can dream of.

The bonus? You can enjoy one of the best views of London’s skyline on your way over.




III. West Hampstead Farmer’s Market.

West-Hampstead-Best-Food-Market-Around-CamdenImage by Cheryl Cohen

Another great way to spend your Saturday mornings is to have a stroll around the great West Hampstead Farmer’s Market.

Head over there on a sunny day to enjoy some tasty fresh juices and buy some fresh Essex fish.

Feeling hungry? We recommend paying a visit to Pasta e Basta for some fresh ravioli. Rumour has it that it is among the Top 3 raviolis in London. We definitely agree! 

West-Hampstead-Farmer's-Market-Best-Fresh-Fish-In-LondonImage by Cheryl Cohen


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