Restaurant Review: Caravan King's Cross

November 28, 2017

Restaurant Review: Caravan King's Cross

If you’ve scrolled down through our Instagram feed, then you’re probably aware that here at Camden Watch Co., we absolutely love food.

So every month we go on the hunt to find the best places to eat in Camden and share with you our often delicious foodventures.

This time we had lunch at Caravan King’s Cross, a little - and succulent - piece of New Zealand in the heart of London.

Not only did we have the chance to try some of the best food in London but also had the opportunity to have a chat with Matt Burgess, Head Chef at Caravan Restaurants. 

First things first, the review… 

A buzzing industrial atmosphere


Caravan King’s Cross is located in a beautiful grade II listed Victorian grain store, where they’ve managed to keep the overall industrial vibe without seeming too overworked. With its open kitchen, industrial light fixtures, exposed pipes and its very own coffee roastery at the back, the interior is not just stylish but welcoming too.


Well-travelled cuisine and freshly ground coffee


If you looking for well-travelled and extremely well-executed food, Caravan is the place for you.

Each course is made with fresh and seasonal ingredients that will be sure to titillate your taste buds. With a wide selection of dishes, each one tastier than the other, Caravan has something for everyone. 

To kick things off, we went for the potato bread served with a delectable house-made cumin, nigella and lime butter, alongside a chaat masala braised oxtail and our all time favourite, the Elwy valley lamb ribs.

Caravan-Best-Place-King's Cross

If you’re just a bit peckish, or you’re in the mood to share, then you could order a couple of these “small plates”. However, if you are flavour junkies like us, then we recommend just about everything on the menu.

The house-made pork and fennel sausage pizza is delicious, and if you are more of a traditional, their margarita is simple but divine.


The pork ribeye was our favourite. There was something about the simple red cabbage and sweet potato combination that made the pork sing. and if you’re more into poultry, then we recommend the duck confit which is particularly good. 

Carve-Best-Food-King's Cross

To finish off, we of course needed one of Caravan’s fresh and daily roasted coffees. It was the perfect way to end a great lunch.


A few words with Head Chef Matt Burgees

What inspired you to join Caravan?

I have known Miles for years, we are the same age, from the same city, knew the same people, we were in the same industry, came to London virtually at the same time, we have loosely been in contact for years, our paths occasionally crossing through industry meetings and mutual friends.  Three years ago, Miles sent me a message saying if I was ever looking for work as a head chef that he would be keen to chat, at the time I was looking and in between jobs.  We met at Vinoteca in Kings Cross discussed the job for 10 minutes and spent the following 3 hours getting re-acquainted over beers.  That day I sent him a message back saying I’d happily take the job, think I was still drunk, but it was and still is the best move I’ve ever made. I love New Zealand’s (our country) cuisine and I have always longed to go back to my roots.  Caravan’s ethos is set firmly in NZ culture with our well-travelled cuisine, taking techniques, styles and ingredients from all over the world and putting it on a plate.  No weird pairings, free-cooking, no boundaries and just simple, great flavours.  

How do you choose your products?

It’s driven by the seasons; we get excited during seasonal changes.  It’s like nature’s finest challenge for us is to find its natural pairing.

What is for you the ultimate dining experience?

Family dinners, food brings people together, what can be better than being with the ones you love over great food and wine

Are there any exciting projects coming up for Caravan?

We have just opened Caravan City in the new Bloomberg Arcade, we have finally released our first cookbook ‘Dining All Day’ and currently in construction is our new and bigger Coffee roastery!

Right on time for dinner!

Caravan-Best- Food-London 

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