Introducing the Camden Giving Limited Edition

May 13, 2019

Introducing the Camden Giving Limited Edition

We believe a meaningful collaboration requires three things:

1. A sharing of the the same values

2. Different yet complementary skills

3. A purpose and reason to exist

And from the word go, we've been looking to partner with a charity that fits this brief. When Camden Giving approached us about their 'Future Changemakers' programme, we knew instantly this was a purposeful project that we wanted to be part of.

Camden Giving invests money from businesses, trusts, individuals and foundations in projects that make a lasting change to the lives of people who live, work and play in the borough. Here at Camden Watch Co., the borough is at the centre of what we stand for; our brand began at a collective working space based out of Camden. Our first ever pop-up was in Camden. Our office and flagship store are still in Camden and our designs are inspired by the stories born beneath this part of London. Quite simply, without Camden, we wouldn't exist.

This opportunity felt so meaningful to us that we decided to design Camden Giving a special edition watch, limited to 250 numbers.

We spoke to Natasha, Director at Camden Giving and Anneke, Co-Founder of Camden Watch Co., to understand why this is product tells more than just the time.

What is the Future Changemakers Programme?

N: In February 2018 three young men were tragically stabbed in Camden, two of them fatally. Since then violence and death has become a normal part of life for too many of Camden's young people who also face poverty and cuts to the youth services that protect them. Camden Giving's response to this is the 'Future Changemakers' programme. With funding from Camden Watch co and five other Camden businesses, Camden Giving worked with ten young people to design an open call for ideas to help keep young people safe. The young people have been given £85,000 to invest in the ideas that they think will have the biggest impact.

What difference will this watch make to the programme?

N: All proceeds from the watch are going to Camden Giving. By buying this watch you'll help fund an amazing youth service and help keep vulnerable young people safe from violence. This work will save lives in the community we love.

How does the design reflect the story behind Camden Giving and the programme?

A: The key design feature on the watch is a hand-illustrated heart. This symbol is inspired by a combination of the Hope/Faith/Charity Victorian design and tattoo art. We're so proud of this watch, it's edgy but still classic enough to be an everyday watch, the way charity should be part of everyday life. Sometimes when you look at a problem, it seems so big and overwhelming that you don't feel as though you can do anything, but together we can really make a difference, and by buying this watch you truly are part of something great. 

You can read more about the design here.


The Camden Watch Co. products have always meant more than the materials they are made from. We invest in stories and the history of Camden but also the future of this unique Borough. We thank you for being part of this movement and for wearing the Camden Giving heart on your sleeve.

The watch is available on a black or green strap, pre-launched as part of Camden Giving week, and ship early August.

Camden Giving Limited Edition Green Strap

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