A Brief History of Fashion in Camden

September 19, 2019

A Brief History of Fashion in Camden

If you know anything about Camden Market, you probably already know that it’s a hub for vintage and alternative fashion. Camden Market is, and was, one of the best places to go for independent fashion brands, well-kept vintage pieces, and alternative style. From all around the globe, people come to Camden in search of vintage and sub-cultural fashion.


Fashion in Camden was heavily influenced by its music scene, as Camden Town was the centre of London’s gig scene, originally selling mostly band T-shirts at temporary market stalls. As British subcultures, who came for the music, began to find comradery and togetherness in Camden, fashion in Camden market began to flourish. More and more stalls began to pop up selling not just T-shirts, but fashion and accessories of all kinds.

Designers like Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway found humble beginnings in Camden Market, as Wayne was also very much a part of the Camden music scene, they emptied their wardrobes as stock for a little vintage market stall in the market. 


Wayne-Hemingway Gerardine-Hemingway


From mod to punk, cybergoth to bohemia, modern and vintage fashion blended together, inspired by the music and culture coming out of Camden; fashion became a symbol of identity. Very quickly, Camden became one of the best places in London to find vintage or alternative fashion. 

We strive to continue this tradition, as we are so inspired by the culture, history, and material presence of Camden Town, just as those that came before us were also inspired. We aim to continue to bring vintage and modern together. Fashion has always been about pushing boundaries and breaking rules, and Camden market was surely a catalyst for this kind of creativity and expression for people of all ages and creeds.


Here are some of our personal favourites of vintage fashion in Camden:

  1. St Cyr Vintage
    St Cyr are passionate about sustainability, all clothes and accessories are hand-picked for their style and wearability. A perfect alternative to fast fashion, still keeping up with modern trends and styles!
  2. Modfather
    A family-owned business, born of passion and dedication to the classic Mod style. A wide selection of heritage brands and classic styles for all. 
  3. Teddy Boy
    A selection of menswear in the style of the Edwardian gentleman and popularised by the 1950's teddy boys, this store is a perfect stop for vintage, high-quality suits; "bow ties compulsory"!
  4. Time Tunnel Vintage
    A store backed up by 25 years of experience, this is a perfect stop for all kinds of vintage fashion for any style. Heavily influenced by British youth subcultures, this truly captures the heart of Camden fashion. 

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