Running an immersive event; A Camden Mystery

September 29, 2018

Running an immersive event; A Camden Mystery

At the beginning of the month, we ran our first ever immersive event along with our friends A Door In A Wall. The plot, puzzles and organisation were all sorted by them while we poured our little hearts into designing all the paraphernalia around the event.

Take a peek at some snaps below and find out our top tips for running an event, or take a closer look at the watch that inspired it here.


Whenever you work on a project with external partners, make sure you choose them well. Going with the wrong people can not only be a miserable experience but can also be damaging for your brand. 

A Door In A Wall are the perfect example of what you want in a partner. Easy to work with, responsive, organised, creative, they certainly ticked all the 'business' boxes, but most importantly, we like them. They're really nice people, and working with people you actually look forward to seeing should never be underestimated.


Of course, we're a watch company, so we would say that. But in all seriousness, make sure you leave yourself enough time to get everything sorted. There is nothing worse than having to rush things last minute because you didn't factor in enough time. Plus you'll want to give people (and press) enough notice to actually get themselves organised.


Here at Camden Watch Co., we're all about details, so it will come as no surprise that the same philosophy extends to our events. No detail is too small and nothing should be underestimated. When you put all the small details together it will add up to a wonderfully immersive and coherent whole. It's worth splashing out for the nicer, thicker paper stock, or spending the extra hours creating the perfect playlist, or making sure that you craft the perfect event copy.

Put it all together and it will pay off, trust us. 


Probably the most important tip. When it's your own event, it's hard to remember why you did it in the first place, all you see is what you would have done differently, the time it took, the things that could go wrong.

But make sure that whatever you do you take the time to stand back, take a breath, and enjoy it.


Sad to have missed our Memento Mori murder mystery? Never fear, if running this event has taught us one thing above all else, it's that there are plenty more to come.

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