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4.8 out of 5

"Watches are absolutely beautifully presented and really feel like a bespoke timepiece. Seeing pics online etc. simply don't do them justice. The quality and finish has to be seen to be appreciated!" 
- Joti Plahay
"Lovely shop with a very nice atmosphere. Browsed without any pressure. Loved all the watches but focused on one which drew me to it. Beautiful design. The very helpful young lady helped me out and I was told to wear it outside to appreciate it in natural light. No pressure at all. She even told me to go away and think about it but I had already made my mind up. Love my new purchase."
- Peter Cooper
"Great products and awesome pre-sale customer service. Excellent people."
- Jim Brailey
"Just received my watch from the UK. It’s lite weight, but looks like it will sturdy. Beautiful face, and band. As a guy who buys and collects a lot of watches, I was happy with the price, look, and weight. This will become one of my primary watches."
- Ben Lawson
"I love these watches. I bought a limited edition #29 automatic while I was in London on holiday and it's the most handsome watch I've ever owned - very classic. Customer service was amazing in the shop - I tried several on before making my final selection. After I got home I wanted another watch that had a more modern look so I ordered the #253 online. The watch arrived in about a week after shipping from London to the US. The attention to detail in design and production is amazing, but they don't stop there. Everything from their website to customer service and shipping is perfect - they even set my watch to my local time before shipping. I've bought another watch as a gift and we plan to get a few more as Christmas gifts. Amazing company!"
- Lawrence Frank
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The Camden Watch Company Google Reviews

4.7 out of 5

"This morning before my flight to Amsterdam I managed to have some time to visit the store in Camden Town again. The lady there was really lovely. Great customer service and honestly I have to say that was my best customer service so far in London haha She shared the history and story behind it. Gave me my own time to consider my choice of watch, and show me the directions as well. Very considerate;) And accidentally I got the chance to meet the designer of the watch which is so amazing!!🤩 I was looking for the automatic watch and in the end I purchased the one with rose gold. The store has fantastic designs and I almost lost track of time 😂 lol Great place to visit again. Can’t wait to get the pre ordered limited edition one in August!!!" 
- Skylar Chang
"I wish there was enough great words in the English language to help me praise the Camden Watch Company. I love this company and their products. I have bought three of their stylish and cool watches and can't wait to buy another. Further more, the Camden shop is freindly and helpful and customer care post sale has been a true example of how a business should operate. Power to Camden Watch Company, in my next life I want to work for you! :-)"
- Cary Fielder
"The most beautiful and quality watches you can get! I love my Camden Watches :-)"
- Hasanul Hoque
"I've had one of these amazing watches for about 3 years now and love it to bits. I'll be honest I only bought one to wear to work but I wear it all the time. Probably due a new one soon."
- Mark T
"Just an awesome company with fantastic customer service. Contacted them about a spring bar breaking and the attention to detail was great, plus they sent a complimentary extra bar, just in case! You can tell they're trying to build a brand for life. Can't recommend these guys highly enough."
- Oliver Smith
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