Pauline and Mike

Pauline and Mike are a French couple who have been living in Montreal for 4 years. We originally stumbled upon their instagram feed by chance, and once we'd scrolled through a few photos we were hooked.

"We are lucky because we share the same love for travel and photography. When we are not traveling you can find us in some pretty coffee shop in Montreal. We don’t like to say we are photographers, we prefer to say that it is a passion."


Instagram: @uncercle


Tell us about the favourite photo you’ve ever taken & why?

Pauline: My favourite picture with no hesitation, is a portrait of my great grand-mother that I made of her when she turned 100 (above). I’m so happy to still have long discussion and walk with her. She’s a strong and loving woman who taught me a lot.
Mickael: It was during our trip in Hawaii. We drove for 4 hours to reach the Mauna Loa Observatory to admire the sunset. When we arrived, the clouds hid the view and the temperature was -2 degrees Celsius. We waited a long time in this huge cloud until the sun makes its way, at this time we ran outside to capture this unforgettable moment.

What inspires you?

Photography pushes us to explore areas we might not have shown an interest in before. It teaches us to appreciate our surroundings, the people that we meet, and the nature that we look upon.
We want to tell you all, whether in urban or natural landscape, beauty is everywhere. Our preference turns to mountainous landscapes, we could go back hundreds of times to Iceland, we do not get tired.