Jessica Eddie

Remember how great London was during the 2012 Olympics? Well Jess was there. And we don’t just mean there in the crowd, we mean really there.

On the river. In a rowing boat. Competing as part of Team GB.

Pretty cool, huh?

More about Jessica:

I'm an adopted Londoner, venturing down from the North for Uni and rowing. One of these went better than the other and now I'm a 2 time Olympic rower.

Earning my stripes grafting away on the river is where I'm found. Seeing London from a totally different perspective to everyone else is special, if not hard earned.

If I'm not in a boat you'll find me hunting out the best espresso in town or engulfing myself in art. Both of which we have in bucket loads right on our doorstep.

Instagram: @jessicaeddie   /   Twitter: @jesseddie

What’s been your favourite moment over the past few years and why?

Representing Great Britain at the London Olympics was pretty special, but some of the best times came from being on the Tube over those two weeks. Chatting to people, hearing stories and seeing how sport is so universal. I've never had my picture taken so many times on public transport.

What inspires you?

Art, you can never be bored of it. London is teeming with it and it's right there for us to absorb. We can learn so much from a few strokes of paint.