Behind the Design of the No.88


The inspiration behind the No.88 comes from two distinct ideas; a vintage 'wire lug' construction (on which we based the case) and the old dials found on steam train gauges (on which we based the dial).


Early wristwatches used what is known as 'wire' or 'fixed' lugs, a single wire soldered at either end to the watch case with a gap for the strap.

We knew that we wanted to bring back this case construction - it lends a great solid, industrial feel to a watch - but we wanted use it in a modern way.

We achieved this by using a very straight-edged round case with a flat crystal, contrasting the very round, bulbous style of traditional vintage wire lug watches.

Camden Watch Co No.88

Camden Watch Co No.88 Sketch


While we were researching graphic elements and design ideas that could be found on steam trains, one thing kept on coming up; the gauges. There was no one style or design, but one thing was clear - they had to feature large, easy to read indications.

This lead us to our choice of numbers for the dial; clear, minimalist and very striking. We also added luminous details to the hour and minutes hands to further extend the legibility of the dial.

As an added element of this theme, we designed the crown to look like the pushers found on steam trains.


All this and yet, something was missing. The watch needed a little extra, that final touch to pull it all together. So we decided to add a splash a colour, and what colour represents Camden better than that of its iconic landmark, the Camden Lock bridge?

This is why all of our No.88s have a turquoise-blue seconds hand. Sketched, designed, and inspired by Camden.

Camden Lock Bridge