Behind the Design of the No.29


The No.29 is heavily based on Camden's railway heritage, inspired by classic pocket watches as worn by Victorian train conductors.


There are a number of key elements on the dial of the No.29 that we drew from vintage pocket watches; the tall, thin roman numerals, the seconds sub-dial, the outer minute track and the thin faceted hands.

Now that we had our base, we could start reworking and modernising its look and feel. We added a second level to the dial to give it a more interesting relief and we outlined the external minute track, turning it into what is colloquially known as a 'train-track' minute indicator.

Most importantly, we used sharp Arabic numbers on the sub-dial and added a flash of colour on the seconds hand and the circular outline.

As a finishing touch, we matched the stitching on the bracelet to the sub-dial accent colour.



Traditional pocket watch cases are generally quite curved with domed crystals. This lends a very conservative and classical look to the watch, which was not what we wanted.

Instead, we used a flat crystal and designed a case that is modern and stylish, with a beveled side that slims the case and reduces bulk, using a mix of brushed and polished finishes to further refine the design.


As a continuation of the pocket watch theme, we designed the crown to look like those often found on pocket watches, engraved with the Camden Watch 'C' as a final subtle flourish.