Behind the Design of the Camden x KPP


The No.88 Camden Watch Company Men's watch with tan strap

Lady on bike in Camden wearing Camden Watch Company watch


Cycling has been a much loved British pastime since the late 1800s, and has been a love of ours here at The Camden Watch Company ever since we were small. We love the freedom, the style, and the community that surrounds and supports it, grown from a shared passion into a family that spans the globe.

So when we decided to work on a watch inspired by the aesthetics and feel of vintage cycling, we knew we had the potential to create something special.

We also knew that we couldn’t do it alone.

To truly understand cycling, you need to live, breathe and sleep it. It becomes the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing you think of at night.

To design this watch, we needed an expert.

To design this watch, we needed Kitty.

Sketch of the No.88 Camden x KPP watch design
Lady wearing No.88 Camden x KPP

I’ve always been obsessed with aesthetics. I still have a painting framed from when I was 5 years old. Design, photography and making things look ‘right’ has found itself into everything I do. Then riding came along. Over the past four years, I’ve evolved from a complete amateur toppling over at traffic lights to now designing my entire life around cycling. Community, culture, lifestyle and now work, as Digital Marketing Manager for a global cycling company.

Morning laps to breakfast, training for the next sportive or pinning a race number on — being on the bike is time I truly cherish. You will suffer and plans may not work out but the beauty is in the process and the progress. Equally true whether you’re reaching for the pedal or the pen.

- Kitty Pemberton-Platt

Lady on bike wearing No.88 Camden x KPP watch


Something which hasn't changed in cycling is the fascination and commitment to detail. That obsession can be seen from the start of the design process to the final features on the watch and packaging.

The vintage era, colour palette and aesthetic is at the heart of this watch. However, I wanted to make sure it reflected the modern minimalism of the sport today by simplifying the face and using the wheel design in the centre, born from realising how geometrically interesting the spoke pattern is - whether you’re a cyclist or not.


No.88 Camden x KPP watch with sketches
Inspiration behind the No.88 Camden x KPP watch design
Person on bike wearing No.88 Camden x KPP watch

Person unboxing No.88 Camden x KPP watch
Design details of No.88 Camden x KPP

No.88 Camden x KPP logo

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