Behind the Design of the No.27


The No.27 is our modern take on vintage Victorian clocks and pocket watches, refined and streamlined for the 21st century with an added industrial kick.


Much like the signature shape of our No.29, the No.27 has a slight taper that not only reduces bulk but also gives the case an elegant feel.

The contrast finish ensures that it retains an industrial feel and highlights the shape of the case. 




Camden Watch Co No.27 Sketch


Up until the early 1900s, longcase clocks (also know as pendulum or grandfather clocks) were the most accurate technology in timekeeping. Due to this superior accuracy, longcase clocks were a staple feature in households and offices.

These clocks had faces that ranged from simple to ornate, but practically always featured Roman numerals, and it is this idea that sits at the heart of our No.27.

We sketched out and reworked our numerals until they looked just the way we wanted, modern, elegant and stylish.

We then added a second level to the dial and adorned it with highly polished triangular studs, inspired by the metal rivets used on railways.

With the added touch of a ‘train-track’ minute indicator, this timepiece is a modern reworking of an old classic.

Inspired by the past, designed for the now.

Camden Watch Co No.27